STONEWALLS.  Types of walls built with stone or granite include: a farmer's wall (single stone width), a single or double-faced wall, and retaining walls.  Aged quality stone is becoming harder and harder to find.  You may find stone piles on your own property, however, keep in mind that in the state of New Hampshire it is against the law to remove a stonewall that serves as a property boundary.
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FIELDSTONE.  Old stonewalls are often restored using existing rock, or additional stone may also be supplied.  In addition to stonewalls, walkways and patios are also constructed with quality fieldstone. 

GRANITE.  Granite is used for walkways, cobblestones, steps and posts, in addition to stonewalls.  Several local quarries in New Hampshire sell native granite or stone, and suppliers throughout the state also provide stone and granite from other regions, offering a diversity of texture and color
BLUESTONE. Bluestone can be used to create a project with either uniform shapes or with irregular, natural patterns.

WALKWAYS and PATIOS. Using granite, stone, bluestone or brick, a long-lasting and elegant patio or walkway will transform your entire landscape.

BRICK WORK. Walkways and patios are built with a firm base of compacted gravel and stonedust. 
Splitting granite with feathers & wedges
Restored cemetery wall, Canterbury Shaker Village
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